December 2018 Donations



First of all, Very Happy Holidays! Regardless of which holiday you celebrate this festive season, here at HLD - Light we hope you are doing so in whichever way you find most enjoyable - be it relaxing on a sunny beach, tearing up the tracks on a snowy mountain, or enjoying family time over a delicious meal.

And while we wish you and yours all of the joy and abundance, the unfortunate reality is that for a lot of people the holidays only serve to accentuate their economic disparity. 

As the Founder of HLD - Light, I believe that the purpose of a business is to contribute positively to the world, which is why giving back has been integral to this brand from its inception. I also believe that acts of kindness are not to be done for credit. Helping has never been a question of "why?" for me - if you have an opportunity to make someone's day or life better in some way, why wouldn't you? 

This creates a very interesting situation, however, as publicly announcing donations feels incredibly uncomfortable to me. So to be very clear, this is not about seeking credit or admiration of any kind in any way - this is simply about staying accountable to you, our customers, because it is your support for the brand expressed through your purchases which makes these contributions possible. So the credit, if it must be attributed, goes to you. As does my gratitude for believing in what this brand offers and will grow into through your continued support. 

With this out of the way, for December 2018 HLD - Light has chosen the Women In Need Society as the recipient of our #IGiveAShirt initiative.




Why WINS? HLD - Light is committed to Inspire and to Empower and as such the Vision of WINS "Women have the resources, knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve self-sufficiency" along with their Mission "Helping women and their families help themselves" is very much aligned with the brand's purpose and beliefs and thus is a great fit.

Additionally, WINS is a local, homegrown thrift charity that has been successfully providing basic needs to women in poverty and their families since 1992. And while the wonderful invention of technology brings us all closer and allows us to think and serve globally in ways that simply weren't possible a few decades ago, there is still great merit in acting locally and supporting homegrown initiatives.

Because no matter how integrated and globalized we become, the reality is that throughout human history and for the foreseeable future of the human race, we are very much both the result and the shapers of our local communities and thus there is no better place to start if you wish to see positive change materialize in the world. It's the whole ripple effect metaphor, if you will - you never know how your small, local act of kindness might inspire and empower someone to create lasting, far-reaching changes of tomorrow. 




Will a small clothing donation from a small fashion company change the world? Of course not. But it has the potential to change someone's world. And as someone who came halfway around the world mid-teens to start a new life in a new country with nothing but a backpack of clothes, I can assure you that is a great start.

Thank you for partnering with HLD - Light in 2018 to make this modest contribution possible! I look forward to growing the brand and its positive impact with you in 2019! Please let me know which organizations and initiatives you would like us to support in the New Year.


**Disclaimer: Please note that in the spirit of full transparency, the bag pictured above is only partially filled with new T-shirts - there simply weren't enough sales made to make that possible yet, plus adding some warmer layers to combat Canadian winter seemed reasonable. In addition to the brand new shirts donated, this donation consisted of gently used clothing items of mine. If you wish to contribute in this way in the future, please reach out and we can coordinate a pick up.



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