Giving Back Every Day

As wonderful as the idea of a #GivingTuesday is, at HLD - Light we believe in giving back EVERY day. However, today is a good opportunity to tell you about the new way that @hld.light is committed to give back. 🎁

With the launch of our new website and new products, we are also introducing a new way to contribute to the community and for you to be involved in this effort! This will take form through two complimentary initiatives - #IGiveAShirt and #IGiveADime - because we like clever things that make sense. 

For every one shirt or one hoodie purchased, one shirt will be donated to someone in need. And for every one purchase of shoes or accessories, 10% of profits will be donated to an organization or a cause you will help choose.

Please use the notes section when making your purchase, comment on our Blog or Instagram posts, DM or email to let us know which organizations and causes you would like us to support. Then once a month you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourites. Subscribe to our email list to make sure you have a say!

And for even more giving, today you also get to use the code GT20 for 20% off any item in the Street-Style Collection! 🖤

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