New Year - New Things!


Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your support for HLD - Light in 2018!

We have every intention of making 2019 our best year yet and we certainly hope that you have an amazing year in store for you as well!


So what can you expect from us this year?

New designs, new products and new ways to connect are some of the things we have planned out for you!

We are always hard at work and constantly learning about and researching better ways to produce our products in order to meet our and your high standards of Quality, Fit, Style and Function. These are the cornerstones of HLD - Light, as are sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing processes in facilities that take worker health, safety and fair wages seriously. 

And of course doing all of the above at a fair retail price for you! 


Here are three of our new offerings for 2019: 


1. HLD - Light Playlist 




We love music! A LOT!! We hope that you do too and that you will find our growing playlist (a.k.a. Tuesday Tunes) enjoyable! New dance tunes will be added every Tuesday.

Have a favourite song you'd like to share with other HLD - Lighters? We'd love to hear your suggestions and add your favourites to the list! Make sure to get in touch with us via email, Instagram @hld.light or simply leave a comment below. 


2. O-Casual Collection

Tomboy-Fashion-Brand-for-Tomboy-Style-loving-Tomboy-Girls-and-Tomgirls-black-female-tomboy-model-t-shirt Tomboy-Fashion-Brand-for-Tomboy-Style-loving-Tomboy-Girls-and-Tomgirls-new-year-2019-designs    Tomboy-Fashion-Brand-for-Tomboy-Style-loving-Tomboy-Girls-and-Tomgirls-white-tomboy-t-shirt


We are super excited to introduce you to the new O-Casual Collection! 

This is where Occasion meets Casual style and we add a tasteful splash of colour to our designs. As our newest product offering to you, this collection will contain new casual apparel styles and new lifestyle items to help you celebrate the many wonderful holidays and occasions throughout the year.

And we are kicking things off with our "New Year, New Rules - No Rules" design to inspire you to make this your best year yet and to remind you to make your own rules as you pursue your goals in 2019! 

Currently we have 4 new products available and we are working hard to add several more to compliment your everyday lifestyle - be sure to check back or to subscribe to our newsletter and get all of our newest updates delivered straight into your inbox with zero effort. After all, you have some kick-a$$ goals to crush and direct your energy towards this year, so let us save you both time and energy!

Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to quickly subscribe and boom, just like that, you'll receive all our newest updates and links to new products as they become available. Zero effort. Zero search time.


3. Ambassador Program



Yes, that's right! The long awaited HLD - Light Brand Ambassador Program is becoming a reality! 

Among many other super helpful features, our great new Shopify site enables us to attribute sales to specific codes and thus we are able to track sales made using these codes. This means that if you're one of the folks who have been wanting to become brand promoters for HLD - Light for some time now, here is your chance! Though we'd definitely argue that despite this funny image, our Instagram was pretty from the start! ;0)

So, if you love what we do and you think you'd be a perfect match for our brand, please make sure to get in touch with us - we'd love to chat with you!

As a bonus of being one of the first brand promoters, you will get to help shape our Ambassador Program! No room for cookie-cutter, off-the-rack, copy-and-paste, everyone-else-is-doing-it formats here. Just as we want to tailor our clothes and shopping experience to you, we want to tailor our Brand Ambassador Program to you as well!

So, make sure to fill out this form and tell us what you want, what you really, really want! Let's help each other out and let's help each other grow!

In other words, let's make 2019 a super-awesomely-amazing year! Together.


Are you excited for 2019? What goals have you set for yourself this year? Let me know in the comments below - I'd love to hear your thoughts! -LH




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