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Tomboy Outfits To Keep You Cool This Summer

How do you dress as a Tomboy in Summer? 

A great way to keep your Tomboy style fashionable and comfortable in the warm summer months is to go with a combination of fun and functional.

Shorts, T-shirt and a light jacket being the functional part, while colours and prints add the fun part.

Our LA Palm Trees T-shirt, is a great example of how to add fun graphic T-shirt to your rotation.


The navy blue shorts have a small palm tree print, which compliments both the T-shirt design and colour. Adding a jean jacket to the outfit adds another layer of versatility and functionality to this Summer Tomboy outfit!



A variation on this Tomboy outfit idea is to choose a sleeveless hoodie with a fun design you like.

Most of the time I like to contrast my layers, meaning that if I choose a light top, I'll pair it up with a darker pair of pants or shorts and vice-versa. Here I paired my black sleeveless hoodie on top with white shorts on the bottom.



For a multi-layer variation of this Summer Tomboy outfit, one that will keep you comfortable through a greater range of temperatures, layer one of our best sellers, The Signature Black Puzzle Shirt with a lightweight zipper hoodie.

For this outfit and because I like to keep things simple, I kept the colour scheme of the outfit in black and white. But you can of course choose to add more colours to your outfit if you wish and get creative with your zip up hoodie!



For those days when you'd rather go with a long layer on the bottom, the same principles apply. Add interest to your outfit through the use of contrasting colours. And to keep your style classy, keep it simple by choosing one main piece of focus, such a graphic T-shirt.



Accessories are another way you can switch up your Tomboy look.

In this next outfit idea I swapped the beige joggers for another summer staple, white jeans. You can't quite tell from the picture, but the shirt is also different, showcasing my Never Not California Dreamin' design.

I further changed the look by accessorizing with different sunglasses and watch than what I usually wear. 



And while I might choose contrasting colour most of the time for my Tomboy outfits, it's always fun to change things up by going for monochromatic colour scheme! Here are two examples to help you style your Summer outfits!



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