Good Vibes Only Playlist 🎧

(a.k.a. Tuesday Tunes)

Cool vibes and dance tunes for your listening pleasure!

Just one of our ways to spread sunshine ☀️ and to get you pumped and ready to pursue Happiness, Love and Dreams. Because it's nearly impossible to have a bad day with good music playing. 🎶 Spread the Light!

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Feel Good by Aslove featuring Daniela Andrade, Cover Image

January 1, 2019 (by Livia H.)

New Year's vibe and resolution for 2019 - Feel Good, Be Happy!

Chill, upbeat Summer House remix by French DJ Aslovefeaturing the talented Canadian songstress Daniela Andrade. Enjoy!



405 by Addal and Mida featuring KiFi, Cover Image

January 8, 2019 (by Livia H.)

Nothing like the feeling of freedom of an open road! And yes, if you are lucky enough to time LA's traffic just right, 405 can give you that! ;0)

The perfect dance tune for a sunny drive by Italian DJ Addalfeaturing multi-platinum musician/singer/songwriter/producer KiFi. Let's cruise!



January 15, 2019 (by Livia H.)

Super chill tune with some great life advice - "Follow where the wind blows, this is how your soul grows. Close your eyes...listen to your heartbeat, it tells you where you should be."

Relaxing and yet motivating song by SRTW, "a music-collective born out of unconditional love for good music", featuring Hier, in this Joshua Ellis Remix. If this doesn't tempt your inner traveller and explorer, not sure what can! 



Bakermat_One_Day_(Vandaag)_(Original Mix)_Cover_Image

January 22, 2019 (by Livia H.)

In honour of yesterday's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here is a very cool musical mix of MLK's famous and inspiring "I have a dream" speech. 

You are in for a treat with this chills-inducing and yet still somehow upbeat and feel-good Tech House tune by Lodewijk Fluttert, better known as Bakermat. It might be a 2012 chart-topper debut single, but in our books it is still one of the most original songs out there, with one of the most awesome saxophone melodies to chill out to. Enjoy!




January 29, 2019 (by Livia H.)

"You might be the one who makes me get a tattoo" - and that's what they call a hook!

Fun little tune by California native Brooke Williams about that wonderful falling in love feeling we all adore and crave! If you've been there, no explanations are needed. And if you haven't yet? Boy, are you in for a ride!!

Remix by Alex Grey (who seems to be a bit of a mystery) just in time for Valentine's Day countdown - 2 weeks to go! Share the love!



Cover Image for the song Rendezvous by British Music Producer DEAMN. Dance music. Electronic music.

February 5, 2019 (by Livia H.)

Today's Tuesday Tune comes courtesy of British music producer, DEAMN, who simply states "I make happy music" on all of his social media profiles and music streaming accounts. An Instagram post from January 27th elaborates a bit further on this: "Don’t always know where I’m going in life, I’m just looking for happiness. And I’ve never doubted how I want to feel in this life."

You know that at HLD - Light we are all about encouraging you to pursue Happiness, Love and Dreams and doing so ourselves, so DEAMN, your happy music is, well, music to our ears!

Enjoy this catchy, happy tune - it's a perfect way to start off the Lunar/Chinese New Year! We won't repeat the well-known pig and happiness saying here, but we sure hope that we are all at least that happy in 2019, the Year of the Pig! ;0)




February 12, 2019 (by Livia H.)

It's Valentine's Day week and we hope you get to do What Lovers Do! Not just on February 14th of course, but especially then.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you filled with an extra dose of love, romantic or otherwise!! <3 




February 19, 2019 (by Livia H.)

Valentine's Day feels like ages ago, but we're sticking with the love theme this week. And really, love is a good choice any day!

This week's tune is the result of a collaboration between Mickey Valen and LYRE, "the world's #1 female writing/production team, consisting of best friends Elli Moore + Alina Smith", according to their Soundcloud profile.

Happy chill out tune, just the way we like it - hope you will too!

PS: Don't forget to tell the one you love that you do! <3




February 26, 2019 (by Livia H.)

Mellowing things out this week for all those of you searching for something real.

Melodic Deep House tune courtesy of Marseille based electronic music duo LU2VYK, made up of brothers Ludovic and Thomas, featuring Trove, Australian singer, songwriter and producer, who has gathered quite the impressive record of accomplishments in the last 12 months of being active as an artist. Enjoy!





November 3, 2020 (by Livia H.)

Reminder that no matter who gets elected, it will be alright.

Positive mind = Positive life, so here is another positive vibe tune to keep that positivity flowing!