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Live Dream Love - Tomboy Style Muscle Tank Top

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Tomboy style muscle tank top with simple, profound, timeless, as well as useful and empowering design - one glance at these three words and you can instantly ground yourself, deciding which areas of your life need a tune up.

Live - Be present in the moment and don't wait for some other day to start living. You might not get another opportunity.

Dream - Don't get so caught up in the here and now that you forget to take the time to architect and build your best life and to create your legacy.

Love - Don't allow yourself to get so preoccupied with building your future that once you get there, you find yourself alone. Make space for the magical moments, because you haven't truly lived until you have truly loved.

Live, Dream, Love.

Our fashionable Muscle Tank Top is the perfect reminder to Live your life to the fullest, to follow your Dreams and turn them into reality, and to Love both yourself and the people you meet along the way. 

It is both a conversation starter and a wise prompt to help you keep the balance between enjoying your life, working on your goals and maintaining your emotional health.

All packaged into a popular tank top made out of premium materials combining modern, minimalist design with the comfort of soft, light material to bring you the ultimate in both function and style.

Multi-functional piece to keep you on the move and stylish in the streets or your favourite gym, while encouraging you to Live, Dream and Love fully.

Complete your look with out matching Live Dream Love embroidered Snapback in Black or White!

#IGiveAShirt For every Tank Top purchased, one T-Shirt is donated to someone in need. The receiving organizations are chosen by @hld.light’s audience on Instagram and email list. Make sure to follow and subscribe to have a say in where we contribute!


  • Fashionable Relaxed Fit
  • Curved Bottom Hem
  • Low Cut Armholes
  • Soft, Light Fabric
  • 80% Rayon/20% Polyester
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