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  • Tomboy-Clothing-Fashion-White-Hoodie-with-Printed-Sleeves-Happiness-Love-Dreams-Unisex-Gender-Neutral-Androgynous-3-4-View
  • Tomboy-Clothing-Fashion-White-Hoodie-with-Printed-Sleeves-Happiness-Love-Dreams-Unisex-Gender-Neutral-Androgynous-Back-View
  • Tomboy-Clothing-Fashion-White-Hoodie-with-Printed-Sleeves-Happiness-Love-Dreams-Unisex-Gender-Neutral-Androgynous-Side-View
  • Tomboy-Model-Tomboy-Style-White-Hoodie-Printed-Sleeve-Blue-Jean-Jacket-Black-Pants-Black-and-White-High-Top-Vegan-Sneakers-Gender-Neutral-Androgynous-Fashion
  • Tomboy-Model-Tomboy-Style-Black-Snapback-White-Hoodie-Printed-Sleeve-Grey-Metallic-Puffy-Vest-Black-and-White-Zara-Joggers-Black-Sneakers-Gender-Neutral-Androgynous-Fashion
  • Tomboy-Clothing-Fashion-White-Hoodie-with-Printed-Sleeves-Happiness-Love-Dreams-Unisex-Gender-Neutral-Androgynous-Sizing-Chart-Inches
  • Tomboy-Clothing-Fashion-White-Hoodie-with-Printed-Sleeves-Happiness-Love-Dreams-Unisex-Gender-Neutral-Androgynous-Sizing-Chart-Centimeters
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Tomboy Style White Hoodie with Printed Sleeves (HLD Logo)

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$59.00 USD

NEW Signature addition to the HLD - Light Street-Style Collection and your wardrobe!

The perfect statement piece to remind you to live an authentic life and to stay true to yourself by pursuing Happiness, Love and your Dreams. Get yours today and spread the Light!

Switching things up from the white on black design of the HLD - Light Black Puzzle Hoodie, this is another modern, minimalistic design in classic black and white, gender-neutral colour scheme.

What hasn't changed? The high standard of comfort level, of course! This soft, warm hoodie brings you the ultimate in both coziness and style, while you're out there living your life on your own terms.

Multi-functional piece you can pair up with almost anything - from jeans, khakis, chinos and shorts, to boots, sneakers, dress shoes and flip-flops, to puffer jackets, vests and bomber jackets, all the way to blazers and overcoats. 

So go ahead, defy the norms and let them admire your impeccable style. The fact that you are stepping out of your comfort zones in this much comfort can stay our little secret.


#IGiveAShirt For every one hoodie purchased, one T-Shirt is donated to someone in need. The receiving organizations are chosen by @hld.light’s audience on Instagram and email list. Make sure to follow and subscribe to have a say in where we contribute!


  • Poly/Cotton Blend (50/50)
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Kangaroo Pocket
  • Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low


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